I am so S-M-R-T (and notes)

Signing Day almost here

A few weeks ago, I previewed the incoming recruiting class. Two of my favorite players were, of course, A.J. King and Russell Bellomy.

My wisdom knows no bounds.

Russell Bellomy is set to become a Wolverine after a glorious visit to Ann Arbor (I've actually heard she gets around). Now that the dust is all settled, there's really only one thing that bothers me about the Bellomy situation, this quote:
"That's going to be a fun game (v. Purdue), but at the end I am going to shake their hand and look them in the eye and there are no hard feelings."

That's great. Russell has no hard feelings toward Purdue...good to know. I mean, you'd think when a kid gets recruited by a team, they pay for multiple visits, put all of their 'eggs' in his basket, the fans shower him with compliments, he'd have at least some ill will toward that school...Ammiright??

And more recently, A.J. King's schollie was pulled following a slow recovery to a knee injury. I'm not sure if I like this move a whole lot. But, it could be that Hope is simply gun shy of guys with pre-existing knee conditions right now (especially knee injuries). As of late, the football program has been little more than a recovery ward. Let's also not forget that Ralph Bolden came in with an injured knee and later was injured again. Also, Ishmael Aristide had a knee injury that kept him off the field for his Senior season and he still hasn't gotten his quickness back to where he was.

I hope King lands some place and succeeds...this stinks for him.

Signing day is tomorrow...I'm still hoping to see a late OL signing...but I'm not holding my breath.

Must Win?
Our Boilers came close in two-straight contests on the road versus quality opponents, but couldn't get the job done. Purdue has three games on the road remaining versus top-40 opponents...and all of them look winnable from where I stand. But, to win one, in my opinion, you've gotta figure some things out in a hurry. Tonight would be a great time to start.

Let's remember, Purdue is one of the only teams that's ever swept Wisconsin since the Kohl Center opened...Plus, this Senior class was part of the group that did that. Since Hummel has been the Badger killer in the past, hopefully he can impart some of his wisdom on the guys who are available for the job this time around. Methinks it'll almost have to be Smooge to make it happen. Regardless of whom makes it happen, it'll be no small task.

Tip-off is tonight around 7:00 on EsPN.

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