Let's Hope For The Best!

And, let's hope for as few dumb headlines like this as possible...Let the dumb puns roll.

Multiple sources both on television and in print are reporting that Danny Hope will be named as Purdue's eventual head coach following the '08-'09 Purdue football season. The announcement, rumored to take place early Friday afternoon may or may not occur then, and might be move to Saturday or even next week...I'm guessing it'll still be Friday, but as of 1:30 am, ET, there's no official announcement from the Purdue Athletic Dept. about a presser.

So what else do we know?
According to two sources, Chryst turned Purdue down...not because he didn't want the job, but because he was bothered with the idea of multiple coaches being fired (one specific name is Ed Zaunbrecher) to create space for him on the staff. It's also reported that he didn't want to start his head coaching career without the full support of the fans of that school; something he didn't think he'd have since he wasn't a Tiller guy. It's also rumored that his personality didn't jive with Burke & Co...Who knows what's exactly true other than Burke, Chryst and Christ (that's the last name joke about him).

As of right now, the logistical details of the hire are foggy...I don't know who will stay, who's already looking to leave and who has been forced out in the coaching staff. It seems there are typically a few changes each off-season...We'll see what unfolds; and I'll do my best to stay up late and report what I hear because I care so damned much about you the reader.

I don't see this coaching transition affecting this year's recruiting class negatively. Purdue's '08 class will probably be in the 50's nationally, as it has for the past few seasons. There are 2-4 players out of the 25-member class that were sought after by perennial powerhouses. One of those is already registered at Purdue as a mid-year enrollee (Ken Plue). Another tore his ACL in his final high school game and has had all other competition back away from him while Purdue stood firm in their interest in the speed merchant from Georgia (Ralph Bolden). Could we see a late addition? I don't think so simply because Hope hasn't been recruiting D-I players...but you never know.

I've mentioned that I'm not completely on board on this hire, but I'm not down on it either...once Hope's coaching staff is set for the '09-'10 season, I think the Purdue family will be able to make an educated guess on what the future might hold for the next football coaching regime. We shall see.

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