CBS Sports Blogpoll Ballot -- Official

Slightly revised ballot is here for this week.

Rank Team Delta
1 Florida
2 Texas
3 Alabama
5 Boise State
6 Southern Cal
7 Cincinnati 4
8 Ohio State
10 Iowa 13
11 Virginia Tech 1
12 Miami (Florida) 7
13 Oklahoma State
14 Penn State 1
15 Kansas 2
16 Mississippi
17 Nebraska 4
18 Missouri 2
19 Oregon 6
20 Auburn
21 Georgia Tech
22 Houston 12
23 South Florida
24 South Carolina
25 Brigham Young
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Oklahoma (#7), Georgia (#14), California (#18), Michigan (#22).

After considering all your feedback, I was considering what was suggested -- that is, Miami up a bit, Cinci down a bit, Iowa down a bit and Oklahoma maybe not dropping out. But in the end, I couldn't do much for you.

Miami, sure... if you all think they're that good and T-Mill is getting extra special nookie for every win, I guess we can hop them up a couple more slots. However...

Cinci is where I think they belong. Believe me, I don't WANT to push a Big East team, but I think they're pretty good from what I've seen.

Iowa, too, deserves a nice ranking. Maybe not every win has been impressive, but they've found ways to win, regardless of their competition. That counts, at least to me.

As for Oklahoma, as I already said -- I agree they're probably very good. But despite having only lost to Miami by a point, they're 2-2 and there are too many teams that -- right now -- deserve the love.

Don't worry -- a fresh poll comes out next week.


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