Favorite NBA Playoff Pictures

I love sports but I just endless apathy for this supposedly to-die-for NBA Finals matchup between two truly unlikable teams. I've already detailed why I can't root for either of them, so instead I'll just share that this picture is now one of my favorites from this year's playoffs:

The guys carrying him awkwardly... his legs all splayed out... Pierce crying like he's an oversized infant. It's just brilliant. And let's not forget if he really were so horrifically injured that he needed to be removed from the area this way, I imagine the team doctor would have ordered more smooth transportation than, you know, five guys carrying him like a piece of furniture.

I love the picture so much that it's close to usurping my favorite picture, which is this one:

I love LeBron's "Are you effing serious, Mom?" face... I love that Pierce has got to be saying something about him being a mama's boy... and Garnett is just hilarious here, too. It looks like he's putting the moves on LeBron's mommy. How YOU doin? And somehow, the guy wearing his leather jacket indoors in May wound up with the basketball.

Just wanted to share a couple pics I rather enjoyed. As you were.

It's not his fault he's great in this era...

Maybe that deal wasn't so good after all...