Much Like Boilerdowd With Dance Dance Revolution, Curtis Painter Can't Stop Playing A Game He Loves

You probably missed this one from over the weekend (And why not? Didn't college football end, like, months ago?), but our friend Curtis Painter took his laser rocket arm down to scenic El Paso, Texas and played in the "Texas vs. The Nation" senior all-star bowl game thingie.

[Insert joke here about Purdue QBs knowing the way to El Paso well.]

Curtis had a decent showing, going 6 of 15 for 55 yards and a TD. As much as we've had our doubts about Curt's abilities from time to time, I find myself really rooting for him to do well. He was a good Joe Tiller soldier and while his leadership might not have been as vocal and intense as we would have liked, he also wasn't an embarrassment to our program.

In other Purdue football news, Painter, Greg Orton, Kory Sheets and Alex Magee all received invites to the NFL's combine in Indianapolis. Get ready to be examined like a show dog, boys.

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