Crist the saviour (of UND football)

I know, I know, Jimmy Clausen is set to have a great follow-up season in '08...but let's be honest, the media was just kidding when they talked up Pickles and the rest of UND's recruiting class from '07, but they're serious this year...Notre Dame is going to be really, really good*, and Crist is on their side. Not Christ, as Jesus has always rooted for Notre Dame...but Dayne Crist, the bestestest quarterback to ever play at Notre Dame. I don't know how the Manatee will manage to line two quarterbacks under one center, but he's a genius, so he'll make it happen. Everyone's excited in South Bend- They're waking up the echoes, and whatever the hell else they do every other offseason at Notre Dame.

You know who else is excited about Notre Dame football? The media! The same guys that crowned Weis a genius...the same guys who tried to tell us Zbikowski was a good football player...the same ones who gave undeserving UND teams shots at BCS bowls...yeah, those guys are buying in yet again. I guess the last two top-10 classes weren't "smart and didn't want to win a title sooner rather than later"...Honestly though, if you want to win a title, wouldn't you attend a school that has at least won a bowl game in the last 14 years? Guess not.

Notre Dame's most recent gay-ish quarterback will follow in the footsteps of Quinn and Clausen...Heisman!!!

*really, really good is defined as 4 or more wins

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a..... sideboob!

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