Notre Dame "Not That Far Away"

After UND got predictably hammered by USC on Saturday night, that was perhaps my favorite theme from a couple of the Domers. They're "not that far away." From what, we're not sure. From detonating the football program?

"Guys," said quarterback Jimmy Clausen, "we're not that far away."

"I really don't think we're that far away," echoed defensive end Pat Kuntz.

When a team is spouting meaningless comments like this and doing it in the glassy-eyed way that they must be doing it... well, your ship is sunk. The Notre Dame football program is a joke... and it's just wonderful to see. Sure, they've won more games this year than last, but you could argue the program has gone backwards.

This was supposed to be the year they made a HUGE step forward -- not a step to .500. Clausen is a sophomore, Golden Tate is supposed to be Superman, and the Domers had the 107th toughest schedule in the nation. Oh, and there's always that "decided schematic advantage."

If you haven't heard this already, that advantage led the Domers to not have a first down until the last play of the third quarter last night. They didn't cross the 50 until the fourth quarter. They had less than 100 yards of total offense. Pickles was 11 of 22 for 41 yards and two INTs. Read that one again. Yikes. But they're "not that far away." The fact that Clausen could say that to reporters after a stat line like that is just more evidence that Notre Dame football is a big, smelly mess. Does Jimmy actually believe that?

And what says The Big Manatee about this performance?

"I think one of the biggest aspects of today was whether we're going to play with passion and emotion," Weis said. "From the beginning of the game to the end of the game, we played with passion and emotion.

"Today, unlike last year (a 38-0 loss), when our guys got a little intimidated, I thought that wasn't the case at all here today."

No, your guys looked courageous.

I can't wait to go back to the archives and find all the arrogant posts by ND blogs about how Charlie was going to make us all pay for laughing... and how Charlie has a master plan, etc. Ha! Fat Charlie is a middling offensive coordinator when he has the right personnel. When he has to evaluate or develop talent, he's terrible. He's 9-15 since 2006. And he's probably out of a job.

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