Play Golf With Us at The Drew Brees Charity Outing -- For Free!

Entries have slowed to a trickle, much like the content around here.

However, you still have a couple more days to get your entries in for the chance to win the fourth spot in the Boiled Sports foursome at the Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex and Amusement Park on June 17.

Imagine it! You could play golf with me!

Okay, not enough? How about this: you'll be playing in a charity golf scramble -- for free -- with a chance to meet Drew Brees. While I can't promise you'll meet Handsome Drew, I can promise you that you'll get your beers bought by me during the round.

We've received some fun entries so far but I'm sure there are more out there. Refer to this post for the rules -- they're pretty simple. Even for our readers. Hey-yo!

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