The view from the over-priced seats

That's true... now he's far worse than average.

From the BS section of Ross-Ade things looked bleak on Saturday. Far worse than I can remember them looking at any time in the past decade. I was able to see for myself how unprepared and unmotivated the team was. The players feed off the excitement of the coaches and of the fans. Well, for a while at least, the fans were excited. The coaches on the other hand; not so much.

Tiller used to breathe fire and could get a rotten sack of potatoes motivated to play a game. Now he could take the defending national champs and convince them that they're going to lose to North Dakota State. It appears to me that Tiller inherited a crappy program and is bound and determined to leave a crappy program.

Yes, Joe, you injected life into a long dormant program and I thank you for that. Now it's time for you to go though. We need a coach that actually cares about not only winning, but actually competing. As others have said, I could live with a losing outcome if the players bothered to show up for the game. If they left it all out on the field, then so be it. We lost to a better team. It happens. When the team shows no motivation what-so-ever, then it's completely different. Just like you benched Painter in the 4th quarter, it's time for the AD to bench you.


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