Time for changes.

Quick thoughts-

-Matty questioned the team's will after the loss to aOSU due to the fact that they didn't rebound well. But tonight, Purdue had 11-fewer rebounds than the gritty, imposing, menacing, Fightin' Smartguys of Northwestern. Say what you want, but it sure looks like this team has lost its mojo. This reminds me a bit of the midseason last year...but last year, those woes were rightfully-blamed on Kramer & Hummel's injuries and a flu that swept through the team. This year, the reason for the flounder is much harder to comprehend.

They've now lost three-straight games in which they had a lead mid-way through the second half. They seem to have lost the ability to close out games...as clamp-down defense has been replaced by poor rotations and bad fouls. Purdue had five fewer rebounds than fouls in tonight's game. They're not just losing the rebounding battle, they're getting slaughtered. Losses happen...but this Junior class had never lost three-straight prior to tonight...Purdue is better than this.

-For the second-straight game, Purdue seemed to be the more-fatigued team...in spite of having more bench minutes.

-Perhaps Painter believes a class led by this many upper-classmen should understand the levity of one loss, two-straight losses, three-straight losses...But clearly they don't. So, the coaches need to shake things up and let 'em know, one way or another, that the season is teetering. Whether it's Painter getting a tech called, the starting line-up changing or everybody growing mullets, something needs to change.

-Moore and Hummel's two-man show is great and all, but I've had enough of if.

Rumors of Byrd having an injured knee are circulating...but a Frosh's tweaked knee doesn't explain the on-going lack of production by so many others.

-Clearly Green and Calasan are missed as JJ and Bade COMBINED for FOUR rebounds. GBI reports that Marcius will redshirt...huh??


Happy Handsome Day, to you and yours!