Your Photo or Story Could Win You a Copy of Drew's Book

It's contest time here at BS. We've got copies of Drew Brees' book, Coming Back Stronger just sitting here, ready to be taken, and we want to give them away. Thing is, we need a good reason to give them away. So we're going to have two contests. We will be the judges and our decisions will be final. Unless we change our minds. Like Bobby Brown said, that's our prerogative.

All entries should be sent to

Category 1 -- Best Purdue Sports Photo You've Take (or taken credit for)

Do you have a Purdue sports photo that you're particularly proud of? Do you have several? Did your roommate take a really good one that you can locate on their hard drive and submit as your own? Do it. Send it to us. No limit on the number of entries. We'll give away a copy of Drew's book to the winner and, if we have lots of good entries, to the runner-up, too.

Category 2 -- Best Purdue Athlete Story

Tell us a story of your favorite interaction with a Purdue athlete, past or present. Funny, touching, life-changing, whatever. Bonus points for photos. Try to keep the story under 1,000 words because we move our lips when we read.

Arbitrary deadline for all entries will be next Friday, September 3. We'll reveal the winners the following week and your books will be on the way.

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