For Pete's Sake, Be Decisive About This

I find it amusing that the President's NCAA picks bracket features lots of cross outs and mind-changing, along with random question marks throughout his bracket.

He had Pitt advancing to the title game over UNC -- but then changed it to UNC. And he had Louisville winning it all -- until he switched that to UNC, too. Apparently, Michael Jordan texted him "WTF" on his blackberry or something.

He had UCLA over VCU, but then scratched out UCLA and wrote "VCU?" I don't know, el Presidente, that's what you need to decide. Same for his pick of Temple over Az State. It reads: "Temple?" Maybe he's saying he's never heard of Temple.

He made similar question mark entries over his pick of Louisville over Michigan State in the Elite Eight as well as Memphis over UConn in another E8 game.

I think my favorite, though, is in the lower right corner, in the South region. He picks Clemson, then scratches it out... and then picks Clemson again.

There's even a big "?" over the national champs spot. Is he saying, "Hey, this is all guesswork, people"? Maybe so. I'm glad he told me.

Of course, in the end, I have the same Final Four.

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