Martin set to transfer, I guess I just don't get it...

I just read that Scott Martin, one of Purdue's stellar Freshman will be transferring. I'd assume he's heading back home to Valpo...I actually hope that's where he's going. Regardless, I don't get it.

We all were 19 once, a few of the guys who contribute to this site (gasp) came from Ohio or New Jersey and enjoyed their time away from their home state. They left friends and family back home, but toughed out any feelings of homesickness and soldiered through...they even came back the next year.

It was rumored back in January that Martin was missing home and didn't quite feel like things were working out the way he wanted them to in West Lafayette...That happens, but, I'd hope someone in his family would lend him counsel and say, "Scott, you're playing with one of the guys that you've been friends with for your entire life...and that team, they're good and are getting better...Plus, you have a role there."

But, I'm sure he's got his reasons...I heard his girlfriend is back home, maybe she isn't. Maybe he just never felt at home at Purdue- that happens...That said, he'll be missed, but this team will be good, with or without him. I'm pretty sure he's going to be a very good player as he matures...and I hear he's already a great student. It made sense when Spates, Minnoy, Uchendu and Vanderverien left...But this one kind of feels like Lutz' departure.

Good luck, Scott- I hope this is the best move for your life...But I just don't get this one.

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