Not Ready

Purdue looked slow, undertalented and not prepared this evening. The Ostrich and Smooge were both no-shows for about 3/4 of the contest and the surrounding cast, save Calasan seemed to be pretty ineffective. Painter's squad looks to be little more than a pretender, at this point...and reminds me of the team that lost to Wofford last December, not the one that made the impressive February run.

I'm deflated, and I'm in the Northeast on business...can't imagine how I'd feel right now had I paid too much to watch the game in the friendly confines.

There's a lot of work to be done...and at this point, I'd pick against Purdue for a Big Ten title as aOSU looks impressive, MSU seems to be a typicall Izzo team, Minnesota is a solid young squad and Wisconsin is always in the mix. This game was reminiscent of the performances of Keady's last season in W. Laf...Hopefully this will be a sobering learning tool that Painter can use to motivate our Boilers...another one will be the fact that they'll barely be ranked in the top-25 come Monday.

As the old ad campaign said, "Big Stage, Tiny Result."

Duke and K can still suck it.

Take The Job, Brock

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