Veteran's Day Sideboobies

It's that time again. Time for leaves to fall, cold to set in... and obnoxious effing television and radio commericals about Christmas. I hate you, Madison Avenue, for ruining Christmas for me. I used to love that holiday but now I look forward to the end of the holiday season because it means I don't have to hear 24/7 Christmas jingles or see that, hey, Vince Vaughn mailed in a craptastic movie about being Santa's brother. I'm rambling now... where was I?

Oh, yes, that time of year.... and NO, I didn't mean THAT time of year. I meant it's Veteran's Day this weekend and if you have a chance to thank a veteran for their service to this country, please do so. Just walk up, shake their hand, and say, "Hey, sir, thanks for doing what you did." Because it doesn't matter if you agree with the war they were associated with or the President who made decisions during their time. All that matters is that these guys served their country in the most incredibly dedicated way possible and a handshake and pat on the back is the least we can do.

My father was among about a dozen guys honored at a cermony last week in New Jersey for veterans who were in the military during U.S. wartime (my father was in the Air Force during Vietnam) and to hear some of the things these guys did and were subjected to... well, it was overwhelming just to hear about it. So I wanted to take this time to mention that and to remember that we live in a country so awesome, I can spend twenty minutes every Friday splashing pictures of sexy women up on the Internet and we can all enjoy them without any repurcussions (well, unless our wives see what we're gaping at). Amen to that and god bless.

On to the goodness.

We got a request from reader and longtime friend Paul to share pictures of Vida Guerra. Well, all I can say is... good gracious! Best suggestion of the year, Paul. I mean, if I had a golden suggestion box to give as an award, you'd get it. Vida clearly knows the right pose for Sideboob Friday.

Continuing with our Veteran's Day theme, here's Vida decked out in her camoflauge bikini. It's a good thing she's on a white background, otherwise she woulda blended right in and I couldn't have seen her. At ease, Vida, at ease.

Here's Vida rocking what is probably a Lakers hat in some alternate color scheme with black in it. However, I'll choose to believe it's black and gold and she's actually a Boilermaker fan. I'll also pretend she went to the school and I knew her in college. And dated her.

To wrap things up this week, I present the doublemint.... triplets. Or sextuplets? There's definitely six of something here. This pic was found by eagle-eyed co-editor Tim and I must say... I...Am...An American!

Have a great weekend, all, and God Bless America.

Sideboob Friday is a production of Boiled Sports and runs every Friday in this space. J Money is not a veteran of foreign wars but he does have admiration for all veterans and he loves American flags. Especially those shown above. To contact us, fire one off at

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