Hats off to the Athletic Department...Seriously

We've been upset with our alma mater's sports-related administration of late.  Issues that stem from licensing disagreements brought up some old anger toward the SID a few days ago...but it's not all bad in the halls of Mackey, Mollenkopf and the IAF...never has been actually.

But good for Purdue, and more-importantly, good for the people that were the football team's guests today at Mollenkopf!

GBI detailed the activities around the Dream Bowl on their site today...for more click here.

It looks like the players are enjoying themselves, but again, the people who the day is for are having an amazing time.  Great job to those who gave up their Saturday to give back to the community- Members of the band, football team and administration all made this possible.

Good on you, Purdue Athletic Department.

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