ESPN: You stink.

I love the fact that a Purdue guy, Drew Brees is one of, if not the biggest story in the NFL, if not all American sports right now. I love even more that Drew has fought through difficulty and adversity to get to where he is right now. His nearly flawless 5-touchdown performance last week was a thing of beauty. If you're a Purdue fan, you've known Brees was a great one for a long time...But our pals at ESPN seemed to have just figured this out. On behalf of Drew, thanks, but no thanks ESPN.

At the beginning of the season, as the Falcons won a few games, Michael Vick was finally becoming the NFL Hall of Famer that "The Worldwide Leader" made him during his years as a Hokie. As Mr. Mexico struggled and his team fell in the standings, so did his status among the NFL's elite, according to the pundits in Bristol.

Next, Tony Romo astounded and amazed Chris Berman and Co. and proved to the world (by the world, I mean Berman and Jackson) that Parcells was still a genius. Well, after 7 games as a starter, Tony Romo's bust for Canton has been casted and now shattered. Last week, following the Cowboys loss (to Brees' Saints, ironically) one of ESPN's NFL panel members said the league had "figured Romo out" and that he was only a "solid" NFL quarterback. Say it ain't so, fellas!!! I thought Tony was the savior of America's team?!?!

Well, this week's Greatest Quarterback Ever is Purdue's ole number 15; Drew Brees. Brees deserves all of the credit he's receiving...but I'm going to go ahead and rely on less-fickle media outlets than ESPN to tell me that I was right all along about my opinion of Drew Brees. Brees is and always has been a winner...he's also always been a guy who can make the big throw, but he does throw costly interceptions at times as well, because he believes he can complete every pass. While the remaider of the Saints schedule may not put another game in the right-hand column for probably will provide ESPN a chance to knock Brees off the top of their standings as the newest king. The only question now is who's next? Girrard, Rivers, Palmer (again) , Manning ( pick which one) or Brady (again).

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