You Can StickItUpYourAaaaaaaaaaaaaass...YES!

While Boilerdowd reveled in the Cubs flaming out, I rather enjoy the fact that the ChiSox also lost, giving the combined Chicago teams a stellar 1-6 postseason record (conversely, New York teams are hovering right at .500 this postseas -- 0-0).

I actually don't have too many problems with the White Sox -- well, except for Ozzie Guillen, who I do think is an idiot. And, as my headline references, perhaps no homer broadcasters out there incite hate the way Hawk Harrelson does.

But really, it's more that I'm happy to see the Rays move on, as I think they're probably the only team that can beat the Red Sox, who continued to totally own the Angels.

LCS matchup predictions coming soon. (Hey, I went 2-2 in the first round.)

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