BTS: Bowl Tournament Series

I think a fair critique/comment of anyone who complains about something is the question, "What's your solution?"

Here's mine...I think the logistics are far from difficult and it scratches a lot of the itches that traditionalists have.

First a couple of tweaks to the way things are today:
-Every BPS will play 11 games and D-1A opponents won't count toward the record. If a team has some archaic agreement to play a lower-division team (a la Iowa v. NIU), they'll play that game the week prior to the regular season kickoff and it won't count as a win, officially.

-No team without a winning (not .500) record will make a bowl game. Does that mean there will be some contraction of bowl games? Absolutely. Is this a bad thing? You tell me- are the schools and fanbases that go to bowls like the Motor City Bowl, EagleBank, Humanitarian or others (don't make money...the fans don't get to enjoy great weather, and the games are played to half-empty stadiums) really being robbed of anything?

-The Final BPS regular season games will be completed on Thanksgiving weekend. Conference champs will be crowned the next week.

-Lower-eschelon bowls will be played during week day evenings (Tues.-Fri.) in the second week of December. Bowls that garner more commercial revenue will get Saturday slots.

-The remaining bowls will be played between 12/26 & 12/31.

-The current six power conference champions will get automatic bids. Two more tournament bids will go to the next two highest-ranked teams. These two teams will be determined on a composite of: The AP Poll, The Coaches Poll, The Harris Poll & The BTS Computer Poll. Each will get equal weight. The seeding will come from the numerical order of the average ranking of these polls.

-Round one of the tournament will be played at regional sites on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Sure, this will step on the toes of the unimportant NBA matchups...who gives a damn?

-One Final Four game will be played at the University of Phoenix Stadium (Western Bracket) and the other will be played in the Super Dome (Eastern Bracket).

-The Orange Bowl and Sugar Bowl will rotate each season as the Eastern Bracket Regional Championship...during the off year, the bowl left out will be played days prior to the beginning of the tournament.

-The National Championship will be played at the Rose Bowl. The Grand Daddy of them all will host the most-important game of the season each year.

Bowl Tournament Series concept based on 2010

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