Curiosity About The Wrath of Belichick

I know we don't really write a weekly column about the upcoming NFL games but I wish we did. In fact, I've wanted to do it from the beginning, but like a lot of Web sites, we had many ideas come and go and those that stuck have stuck well and those that haven't just sort of petered out.

But I had to at least comment on this weekend, when the New England Patriots play the New York Jets -- in Foxboro, Mass. Oy.

As you've no doubt heard, Vegas gives the Jetties no chance in this one, although they still favored the Pats by more when they played the Eagles, which only goes to further show that the point spreads aren't based on who is better but by how the betting is going. The Pats seemed indestructible back then so the spread skewed even further towards them -- now, they've been tested a few times and looked mortal for a few minutes per game, so even the Jets aren't as big of an underdog as the Eagles were.

But given how the Pats have pummeled some opponents this season (56 points against the serviceable Bills and 52 against the marginal Skins and their senile coach) -- opponents, I might add, that Bill Belichick didn't have anything against -- it's interesting to think about this weekend's game against the Jets and their coach, Eric Mangini, who was the whistleblower in Week 1 about the whole camera spying thing (Note: I hate the attachment of "gate" to every damn story, so I won't say it). It seems universally agreed that the Pats are actually going to show us all what running the score up really looks like this weekend and I'd tend to agree that they'd probably hang 65 on the Jets, if only it was going to be good weather. But as luck would have it, Al Roker said this morning that on Sunday in New England, they will be experiencing "blizzard-like conditions." This might slow down the passing attack a tad. If you've got a Patriot running back in your fantasy league, start him. If it's really snowing like that, don't expect the rout everyone is talking about. In fact, if it really looks like it's going to snow that hard, and if you're a betting man, go put some money on the Jets with the two dozen points. If they lose 21-0, you'd still win. It's like a damn college point spread.

And since I'm rambling on the subject of the Patriots, as interesting as I think their run at perfection is -- especially set against the backdrop of hatred everyone seems to have for them -- I think we can all agree that we don't want them going undefeated. Yes, it would be a more impressive accomplishment than the '72 Dolphins, but if you know any Boston sports fans and, specifically, Pats fans, try to imagine them being exponentially more arrogant, obnoxious and in your face. Hard to actually fathom, right?

What would be perfect for me, actually, would be to see the Pats go to 15-0 and then lose to the Giants in the final week of the season. Revenge for the Mannings, delivered by the Manning that everyone thinks sucks yet is going to the playoffs for the third straight year.


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