Fisher and Tracy to race on Indy Car circuit

According to the Indy Racing League's ticker, both Sarah Fisher and Paul Tracy will be racing later this season. For different reasons, both drivers have struggled to get sponsorship dollars- Tracy because he's on the backstretch of his career and Fisher because of her limited success in the circuit.
Fisher's team is comprised of quite a few members of her family, so their resources aren't that deep even with Dollar General jumping aboard. Thus, she'll only race in Ohio and Chicago. Tracy picked up sponsorship dollars from Jared and some financial help from Tony George helped Tracy's Walker team get it together for one more race...and there's a rumor floating around that if he finishes high enough, he'll race again in Detroit. We'll see. Another rumour says that Tracy was seeking $100K per race from his team and that's been the main reason he hasn't run this season. Regardless, I hope these moves help edge Milka Duno and Marty Roth out of those races as I think neither belongs driving any more than a golf cart...and both Fisher and Tracy are more capable.

The circuit stops in Ohio on Sunday for a 200-miler sponsored by Honda, of course.

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