Handsome Hour Returns to Video Format TONIGHT

You're in for a real treat tonight, as the boys will be in the same ZIP code for a change and thus will be putting on an exciting video Handsome Hour for the second time evahhhh!

You'll recall how awesome the last one started, with echo chamber effects, giggling, poor lighting, etc. Basically, it was like a slumber party in one of the many sororities that listen to the Handsome Hour on a regular basis.

We know many of you love to listen to the show, but since I would imagine the majority of you do so via your computermachine, you can do the same thing here.

We'll be streaming the show live at 9:30 PM, Eastern Time, at the Boiled Sports Ustream channel, and we'll also be recording it and posting it here on the site, as per usual, for your listening pleasure at your convenience.

However, we invite you to join the live stream as we'll have the chat stream going to the side and will be glad to take questions and interaction that way. It'll be a lot like Boilerdowd's Friday nights on Chatroulette.

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