Maybe Indy Car Racing Isn't So Bad

Boilerdowd and I have been having a long, back-and-forth debate/discussion/immature display of stupidity recently, and it's centered around his wish to make sweet love to the sport of auto racing. Specifically, open-wheel racing.

And so I decided to give it a look. I may even watch part of the race in Texas this weekend from the comfort of my palatial estate. But as part of my research on the sport, I thought I'd get to know some of the drivers and I did some photo work to make sure I could recognize them. I've decided to start with this "Dan Patrick," or whatever her name is.

Great googly moogly.

The legs are more astounding than I expected....

Sweet mercy. Do they all look like this? I guess I understand why it's a great sport. Now if only we could get her to make out with Ashley Force, we'd be in business.

We'd be in business as a completely different kind of Web site if that happened, but we'd be in business nonetheless.

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