Boiler Hoops Schollie Outlook

The below scholarship grid was swiped from the Purdue hoops site with the awesomest name ever: Purdue Basketball Blog. Hey, we kid because we love.

But I did think it was cool to see the schollies laid out for the coming years and to see how solid things look right now. It helps to see how good the potential looksfor the 2010-2013 range and helps keeps us all grounded when we think about life after Smooge, Ostrich and JJ.

What this also illustrates is how much of a pothole it creates when a clown like Scott Martin decides he's too far away from his girlfriend's sweet rear (or that Robbie Hummel is getting too much attention) and bails on the program. (What I never realized was what a soulful jazz musician and talented bass fisherman Scotty is.)

Holes are tough to fill, but Coach Matty is doing a great job and the basketball program looks to be in good hands for a while.

Just like Scott Martin's girlfriend's rear.

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