We're going home...and we're taking our ball with us.

Now it gets interesting...

Dateline Bloomington- In a story that is as predictable as it is delicious, some IU players have decided that they will quit upon Sanctions' dismissal. Regardless if the players follow-through with their tough talk, does anybody else believe that the cheatin' coach, when he galvanized the team in the last two weeks, said to them things like, "We have to stick together...it's us against everybody, even the administration...We're not playing for the name on the front of our jerseys anymore, we're playing for eachother..."

I'm positive that Mr. Ethics has pulled the strings to make this happen...Problem is, IU's going to call their bluff this afternoon. I can promise you this- if IU's line-up is without Gordon, Bassett, & Crawford, the Hoosiers just might get beaten versus the 'Cats on Saturday. Get 'em Mildcats!!!

I can see it now:
C White
PF Taber
SF Stemler
G Finkelmeier
G Ahlfeld

...one can dream.

Hey IU players, stand firm, McRobbie & Co. will back down!

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