A Worthy Cause -- Help The Paint Crew Beat The Izzone

You may or may not have heard about the challenge between the Paint Crew and the Izzone as part of the Coaches versus Cancer fundraising, but the two student sections are indeed battling for the most donations. We think it's only fitting that we try to help out the forces of good. Hopefully, though, the Izzone keeps on fighting, unlike their basketball team.

We got a note today reminding us of this from a reader named Devon, who is a current Purdue student.

The Paint Crew and MSU's Izzone are in a contest to see who can receive the most donations for Coaches vs. Cancer again this year. We're a little behind at the moment and I think it would be awesome to beat them at this as bad as we're going to beat them on the court. Seeing that my dad was diagnosed this summer with throat cancer and just a few weeks ago was declared cancer free, I feel like I need to help out with finding a cure, or at least better treatment for cancer.

What I'm getting at, is maybe you guys could throw it in a spot somewhere on BS (because you guys are famous and awesome) where the contest can get some visibility and recognition, especially from those not in Paint Crew. Please don't feel obligated to, I figured it was just worth asking.

First off, you're correct Devon that we are indeed awesome.

Second, it's also indeed worth asking.

And third...and most importantly....I'm willing to bet that almost everyone who reads has been touched by some way when it comes to cancer. Whether it's a family member or a friend or a teacher or an acquaintance...we've all felt it somehow.

So, if you're looking to donate a few bucks and you want to also help the Purdue students look good, go and donate at this link.

Trust me, you'll feel good afterwards...as though you just got a massage from Boilerdowd. 

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