BS B1G Power Rankings

Last night's festivities in Ass. Hall left Bucky the Badger sitting alone atop the conference.  Bo Ryan has effectively re-focused his team after the loss of Gasser. After some early losses, they're playing some of the best basketball in the nation.

Bo Ryan demands all B1G foes bow before him.

1. Wisconsin
Why does anyone ever doubt Bo Ryan during January/February?  Gigantic white kids love cold gyms.

2. Michigan
A good blend of young firepower, seasoned experience and coaching in Ann Arbor...Trey Burke stirs the drink.

3. Minnesota
They were asleep for the entire first half of their loss in Bloomington...and still almost came back to win.  They're too good to have a half like that again.  You can't underestimate the importance of felon Senior enforcer Trevor Mbakwe to this team.

4. IU
If they had a good coach help them on gameday, they'd be the best team in America...their talent keeps them among the elite in spite of sideline inadequacy.

5. aOSU
To me, this might be the most-flawed team in the upper echelon of the conference...not real big, not real experienced...but very athletic.

6. MSU
Izzo is able to cover discrepancies and flaws with consistent intensity...and their powerful front court makes them a handful for about anyone in the nation.  Speed will end up killing them will an officiating crew that uses their eyes to watch the Spartans under the basket.

7. Illinois
Rugged early schedule has beaten up the Illini and showed that they don't belong in the top half.

8. Iowa
This team plays at a high tempo, and it killed opponents in the pre-con...not so much in the conference. Their schedule has been the worst in the conference; they'll be lucky to leave January with three B1G wins.

9. Purdue
The Illinois game was big for Purdue...but without a couple more games in which the defense comes to play, our Boilers will be in the bottom-third of the conference for most of the season. Tonight's game v. Nebraska is nearly a must-win.

Purdue is showing signs of life as effort and fight has been prevalent in most of the B1G games...But they'll need to get much more efficient off offense in a hurry to get close to the bubble.

10. Northwestern
Wildcats doing what the Wildcats do.

11. Nebraska
They've looked better than the Cornhuskers from '11-'12 at others, they've looked as bad as any team in the nation. Games in the 40s are too frequent for them to expect any post-season play.

12. Penn State
Penn State was pounded into a fine dust by Purdue in a game in which Purdue really did nothing well...Not good.

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