HH for SBF Trade?

For the second week in a row, we must delay the Handsome Hour, dear readers/listeners. I hope you can forgive us.

B-dowd has an Amway meeting tonight and is just a few sales away from turning a tidy profit (you suckers are all going to be sorry you didn't join him), and since our next episode will be the Exciting Season Finale™, we'd like you to hear from both your handsome hosts -- we know how much you miss us when we're gone. Right? No? Oh, okay. 

As of now, the Handsome Hour Season Five Finale will be held next Wednesday, 12/14, and then we'll take a few weeks off to get ready for the insanity that is the Big Ten basketball season, followed by the conference and NCAA tourneys. Then we'll take a nap.

As a peace offering, however, I pledge to bring back SBF for the remainder of December. We've gotten numerous requests for it, plus signoff by many of the ladies of BS, so we're a go. 

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