An Important Poll Question for BS Readers

Photo not meant to imply Danny Hope will lead Purdue to a national title

This is something that we discussed on the Handsome Hour last week and I think it's fun to debate. I'll put the poll on the site but here's the question:

Between Purdue football and Purdue basketball, which would you prefer to have a national championship in?

The parameters are this:

-- You can only have one.

-- The time period is, let's say, five years from now...2015. I say this so that you don't say "Well, I'd want JJ and Smooge to get a national title, so I'll say basketball."

-- I'm saying, irrespective of who is playing for the teams, which sport would you want to see win a national title more and why?

-- We're aware that the football team is no where close and may never be, etc. But if I could wave the magic wand... which would it be?

It's always fun to dream...

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