Kelsey Barlow: University of Illinois-Chicago Flame

Kelsey Barlow is now a University of Illinois-Chicago Flame. The former Purdue clowner, smack-talker and defensive nightmare (to opponents) will transfer there this season but will be forced to sit out what would be his senior year.

Barlow was kicked off the Purdue squad after numerous incidents and only played in one NCAA tournament for Purdue, being suspended for one, and not a part of the team for the other.

Barlow was most famous for the choke sign he gave to Verdell Jones III and his on the court demeanor that changed more than Kentucky's yearly rotation.

Barlow did have a few highlights at Purdue. At times he showed promise. In his last season with Purdue he had a stretch of six double digit games in the Big Ten season.  This was definitely topped off by his dunk over Jared Sullinger that the mothership seemed to completely ignore.

I'm not going to deny this -- Kelsey was one of my favorites, but in the end, he was bad for the team. I always thought he had a lot of promise and his inability to mature over his time at Purdue was extremely disappointing (new pete had a more successful career at Purdue).

Barlow brought a lot of laughs and a lot of anger from the Purdue community, but we did learn a lot from Mr. Barlow.

  • Athletic ability doesn't mean success
  • Work ethic is required to be successful as a Boilermaker
  • Matt Painter requires excellence from his players
  • Don't lose your wallet at Where Else?

All in all, I wish Kelsey the best in the future and I hope he is highly successful for the Flames, but overall I'm glad that this team no longer has the distractions of such a great talent that was that uncommitted to the team.

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