March Handsome Hours Are Special

It's that special time of year that we all love, even when we're having our school's three-decade final four drought held over us by those who trumpet two-to-seven decade old championships.

It's March Handsome Hour time!

The show is on tonight at 9:30 PM, and we'll talk about the impending Big Ten Tourney, our dark horse picks, the Boilers' potential seed for the big tourney, Boilerdowd's thoughts on the big buildings in Manhattan that he saw during the impromptu BS sit-down last week, and much, much more.

We'll be streamin' live at 9:30, PM, EASTERN, at this link.

Mobile users can listen on your smartypants phones here:

The party line dial-in to listen and maybe even join the conversation is (909) 265-9130.

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