Trevor Immelman Tries His Best To Give Away The Masters

I think it's funny how the press wants so badly to sing praises for champions, especially golf champions... and especially at a supposed magical place like Augusta. Nobody would want to talk about the calm demeanor, winning stroke of prescience of a guy who did his best to choke away a major.

Trevor Immelman did just that, my friends. Don't let anyone tell you differently. He only won because Tiger Woods also played very un-Tiger-like, shooting an even-par 72 on Sunday.

Gene Wojciechowski sort of points this out in his story, but's main page says this:

Trevor Immelman too shaky to seal the deal? The steady South African put his stamp on the 72nd Masters after a testy Augusta National threw caution, tradition and Tiger Woods to the wind.

Well, he went from three straight rounds under 70 to a 75, he had a six stroke lead on Tiger that he let slide to three strokes -- while Tiger was shooting par. Which means if Tiger does what he did on Saturday -- a 68 that could easily have been a 65 or better -- Tiger would win. So spare me him "putting his stamp" on the win, unless his "stamp" is a knee-knocking finish.

At least he didn't cry, though.

Of course, this'll probably piss off Tiger and he'll go win the US Open in June by a dozen strokes or something.

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