Yee-Haw! Boilers in Tejas

For those who are interested, I went to the Purdue open practice session at Reliant Stadium this afternoon and documented it on Twitter.

If you're not on Twitter yet, the photos are available here and the videos are available here. Some videos are just random shoots of practice, video 3043 is Matty doing some coaching.

The guys looked pretty loose and the shooting was very crisp. Lots of buckets made by lots of different guys. It's always easier in a nearly-empty building with no defense out there, but still. I'd rather that than a bunch of bricks.

Some general observations:

--Sandi Marcius is flipping huge. Dude makes Bade look like a twig.

--Bubba Day can shoot the lights out from the elbow three.

--Lewis Jackson makes 90% of his midrange jumpers in practice. It'll come along, everyone.

--Rob Hummel was sitting courtside in shorts, sneakers and two knee braces. He looked ready to practice. Heh. If only.

--Matt Painter watches like the godfather, only stepping in to instruct when he sees something he really wants the guys to work on. Otherwise, he does a lot of observing.

--Kramer has a very nice shot, though we all know that. He needs to keep using it.

More to come, on the scene in Houston.

Gameday Notes

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