Drunken Erin Andrews Sez It's Sideboob Time

'Sup, mothafu-kas?? Yo, bitches, Erin Andrews in the hizzzzousssse!! It's Sideboob Friday time, muthafu-kers! And dis iz E.A. comin' atchu! Sure, I've had a few cocktails, what of it? What's it to you? HUH? Yeah, that's what I thought, ya punk bitch. Sit the f-ck down, yo! Nobody puts E.A. in a corna! Ya betta represent! Cause I'm here to set the record straight. E.A. supports the sideboobs!

First off, a special thanks to Erin Andrews for hosting our Sideboob Friday coverage this week. Thanks again, Erin. Okay, sit down, Erin. Erin... Erin! You spilled your beer... no, I won't buy you another one.... fine, okay, I will. Just shut up and let me do Sideboob Friday, Erin. Erin!! Shut up! Seriously... good gracious, you're a confrontational drunk.

On to the sideboobie goodness...

I think I saw this pic somewhere on Deadspin a week or two ago. So if you've seen it already, I apologize, but it's worthy of being called out here again on SBF. Just two lasses, enjoying beer and hockey. All you punks who mock my hockey, this doesn't look so bad now, does it? Yeah, that's what I thought. Right Erin?


Oh well.

Another broad far more interested in being seen than in what might be happening on the field behind her. This chick was at the NFL's Pro Bowl a couple weeks ago in Hawaii. She's a Broncos fan and that's all I know about her. And she's sassy. And has a nice, spacious mouth.

Our final shot of the week continues the semi-sports theme by being Quinn Kingston, a cheerleader for the Patriots. So just when you thought there was nothing left to like about the Pats, Quinn begs to differ.

That's all for this week. Boiler up and enjoy the snow in the Midwest and Northeast. I've got tee times for 1 PM tomorrow and Noon on Sunday. Just thought I'd rub that in for kicks.

Sideboob Friday is a production of Boiled Sports and runs on Fridays in this space. Drunken Erin Andrews appears (not really) courtesy of ESPN and Jose Cuervo. If you've got a suggestion for us -- other than "you guys suck!" -- feel free to share at BoiledSports@gmail.com.

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