Hockey Handsomeness?

Yes, that's right. Hank of the Purdue site Twitter feed The Railroad Tie as well as Hoosier Hoops Report (I hope he feels dirty even having "Hoosier" in the name of his site) will join me tonight as we step out of the characters you've come to know and discuss something completely different.

Hank and I are both longtime, die-hard hockey fans. I currently even play the game; no word on whether Hank is manly enough to do such a thing. Tonight, we'll fire up the podcastmachine and talk nothing but hockey, Stanley Cup playoffs, and so forth. If you're a fan of hockey, even on a small-time basis, you might enjoy it.

So feel free to join us tonight live, as we'll be streaming the chat at 9:30 PM, Eastern Time. As per usual, the recorded version will be available in perpetuity.

The Hockey Handsome Hour

Off-Topic BS: Stanley Cup Playoffs