Ray Lewis Remains a Criminal

I normally don't mind Chad Ochocinco being blasted while going over the middle -- he's a weird-o and really, kind of insane I think. But Ray Lewis' hit on him in yesterday's game was atrocious.

Lewis should be suspended, without question, in my opinion. If that's not worthy of a suspension, what is? Are we waiting for someone to be paralyzed or killed? When a guy has already dropped a ball and pulled up and you still dump truck him like that, well, you're a fricking thug. That's classless. And the best part is, you could argue it cost the Ravens the game! A 15-yard personal foul on the game-winning drive? Savvy, veteran leadership, Ray. Go do your little dance. (At the beginning of the clip, you'll see him hamming it up because there's a camera present.)

If you haven't seen it, go to 3:40 into this highlights clip.

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