That's The Way Most Of Us Put It

I used to think "I Am An American" was kind of hokey at the start of every Purdue football game. I don't anymore. A lot has happened in this world since the first time I heard it, in late August 1994.

I don't care who you are or what you believe -- if you're reading this and you're an American, you basically get to think what you think, believe what you believe and say what you say... because you are such a person. You live under the freedom of that glorious flag. Your rights are protected. Our system is flawed, as are our leaders. But the flaws are what make it perfect.

As you celebrate our independence by drinking, eating, sunbathing and blowing stuff up, take at least a minute to think about how many men and women have died -- and continue to die -- so that we have the right to do all that we do. And remember all those who have died, willingly, simply to keep that flag flying high and proud.

And, of course, remember those who died non-willingly, but also because they were Americans.

Never forget these basics. And the rest will work itself out.

God bless the U.S.

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