Auf Wiedersehen NFL Europa!

In a move that nearly no one in the world will notice, the NFL has decided to pull the plug on NFL Europa (Formerly NFL Europe).

The NFL's developmental league that brought you Jay Fiedler, Daunte Hall & about ten others that you've heard of never really blossomed into what the NFL thought it could be. What began in 1991, was shut down in 1993, was re-vamped in 1995 and finally became the product that hundreds of Germans enjoyed for about five weeks each summer. Not that anybody will really miss it, but I am always upset when any American football league ceases to exist (with the exception, of course, of XFL...which was barely football).

Next up, the UFL, along with founder Mark Cuban, will try to live up to the lofty expectations created by the USFL & NFLE. As much as I want to see another pro football league succeed, I just don't think it'll happen during the era in which the NFL is such a powerhouse.

So long, suckers.

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