Let's Talk Colts Football for a Second, Shall We?

I'm honestly pretty worn down.  I was up until 3 am last night reading post-game garbage, listening to interviews and recapping my thoughts on what's happening with our alma mater's football program...It's depressing. It pisses me off that I get this upset about it...but I do.


When I got to watch my hometown's pro football team win yet another game this afternoon, it offered me some salve.  I was hoping to have my wounds soothed with an IU or UND loss, but both of those teams seem to be on the rise. I'll take the Colts' victory, I guess.

I predicted six wins for the Colts this season...and many of my friends said I was being a bit generous.  I believe Manning won three his first season as a starter...and that offense had a few offensive lineman that were experienced, Marvin Harrison at WR, Pollard or Dilfer (not sure which) at TE and an OK defense.  This year's Colts roster is a bunch of guys I've never heard of, a few good DEs and Andrew Luck...along with that, they had a first year coach and a ton of moves in the front office.  So obviously, it's going to take some time before this team can win with regularity.  THEN, Pagano was diagnosed with leukemia, so he left his post so another guy who had never coached in the NFL could do the job in his stead.

But Andrew Luck isn't a normal rookie...and this Colts team isn't a normal bunch of no-names.  By the way, I'm still pissed that Luck chose Stanford over Purdue- A few years ago, when he was a recruit out of Texas, Luck's final three were Northwestern, Purdue and Stanford. Purdue lost that sweepstakes...and Stanford became a mother shortly after.

Well, at 5-3, the Colts are officially not horrible...and passing for over 433 yards with two TDs for a rookie QB is rarified air...in fact, Luck is in his own league with that many yards in a game as a rookie.

But, the main reason I'm posting is because of this:

Pagano's postgame speech

I'm a Dad of two kids and generally a softie...so hearing another Dad talk this way choked me up.  I'm not only rooting for the Colts to do well, but praying for Pagano's full recovery.  Sure, I'd like to see the Colts win another World Championship, but I'd love to know Pagano got to dance with his daughters at their weddings.

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