The Return of SBF for a Limited Run

Back in the early years of BS, we launched a feature called Sideboob Friday. Yeah, it was juvenile, but it was our site and we figured, why not? Also, we always meant it in a good-natured way. We're warm for the female form and we make no apologies about it.

After a long run, it felt like SBF had run its course and it was time to retire the feature. After all, Google Images can get you anything, from an elephant pooping to a cat operating an automatic weapon.

But the demands/requests have continued and so for December 2011, we're bringing it back for a limited return engagement.

Enjoy, hornballs.

Let's bow our heads and give thanks.

No, I don't know Verona Pooth. But I wish I did.

Slippery as an SEC coach.

Heidi Cortez must have just worked out. Or taken a shower. Or lubed up with baby oil.

Is that a pool cue in your....ah, you know the rest.

Sure, this isn't as in-your-face a some, but I love it.

Sideboob Friday is a production of Boiled Sports and is back for a limited time. Get your boobs while you can! Wait, what? I don't know. If you have suggestions for SBF -- including ones of yourself -- you can submit them for consideration at

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