Boilerdowd in Alaska

Hey, I thought that title would go seamlessly with the preceding post.

And as you may have read at the end of that post, 'dowd is out of town, braving the wilderness of Alaska on assignment for Boiled Sports. He'll be out in the tundra looking for story ideas since it's summertime -- the death valley of sports blogging, unless you're an MLB site. No word yet on whether or not Sarah Palin's resignation is related to 'dowd's appearance in the 49th state.

Boilerdowd heads out on his journey.

(Hey, did you know the doggies wear booties sometimes?)

Anyway, he'll be gone for over a week, kids. Which means you're left with me, your dysfunctional uncle. The guy who puts little to no research into his posts and then goes and talks to Big Ten Network guys as though I know what the hell I'm talking about.

I, too, will be out of town for a few days starting on Thursday, though I will likely still be posting sporadically (or, in other words, my normal frequency).

I know you're all captivated by this programming announcement.

As you were.

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