How can you not root for Mediate?

Tiger and Rocco just teed off at the Open for the 18-hole playoff. They both hit their first drives in the fairway and Rocco congratulated Woods after Tiger sarcastically raised his hands in celebration.

Mediate is a chatty guy...he's twitchy...acts nervous and quirky...really seems to enjoy being in the position he is today...overall, he's a likable dude. Part of me would really like to see Rocco do it since he's never won a major. That said, I'm still pulling for Woods. Why do I keep rooting for him? Because I just love seeing records being broken and watching history being made. Each time Woods steps on the course gets one step closer to other immortals of the game. He might be the greatest who's ever played the game...I hope I'm watching as his record leaves no doubt that he was just that.

-Oh, by the way, if it was sudden death, Woods would have just won the tournament. Woods is up by one stroke as they head to two.

-Rocco is up by 1 after 4.

-Even after 5

-Woods up 1 after 6.

-Woods up 2 after 7

-Woods up 2 after 9

-Woods up 3 after 10

-Woods up 1 after 13

-Rocco up 1 after 17


Sudden death...Tiger & Rocco still even after 90 holes.

It looks like Rocco just lost it with his last shot...stay tuned.

-Woods on in two...Rocco hitting his third from the rough (designated drop after ball came to rest next to grand stands)...

-Tiger wins in one hole during sudden death playoff.

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Not such an easy transition?