In a Funk: Purdue v. OSU Predicto

I'll admit it. I'm more down about my Boilers than I have been in a long, long time. Back when I went to class at Purdue, I never expected too much out of the football team. I had season tickets each season, as did my BS counterparts...and I think it's fair to say that we didn't expect to win on Saturdays, but were at least hopeful.

One game in particular comes to mind. In 1996, Purdue hosted aOSU. The Buckeyes were #1 in all of the land...but, Purdue fans were actually pretty up for the game...too bad a ton of nimrods with nuts strung around their necks were in the stands at Ross-Ade that afternoon. The Brian Alford-led Boilers flew out to an early lead of 14-0 on two vertical passes to Alford...Purdue lost 42-14. I can honestly say, I didn't leave the stadium angry...I didn't expect anything. The program was in the can and had been for about 10 years at that point.

Now, it's different, as opposed to being used to a lifeless team that never beats an opponent other than a lower-third conference foe, D-IAA team or MAC squad, many Purdue fans expected a bit more coming into this season. Tiller thought this season would be fun for the fans...he liked this team...yada yada yada. Purdue fans are not IU fans afterall...we come to watch the game, tailgating is just an added bonus. Football is the centerpiece of our Saturday afternoons.

What we've seen so far is sad...and I'm grieving, I guess. Guys that are hopelessly optimistic like J have been reduced to cynical realists. Pessimists like Tim have been rendered uninterested and overly-emotional types like myself are kind of in-the-dumps. It's not just that Purdue has lost more than it's won, it's the fact that this team simply can't or won't beat teams they're not "supposed" to beat...Furthermore, this same group of young men had no emotion v. UND, seemed pretty lethargic v. PSU and now has to play a juggernaut led by a young, stone-cold quarterback. Conversely, our QB, after being pulled last week, simply stood on the sidelines with a blank stare on his face. Where's the fire, yo?!?

Regardless if they're ready to play or not, our Boilers will be going to Columbus's what we think is going to happen:

J says:

This week is perhaps the most "Put it in Sharpie" game we have all season... and has been since even before the year when we were feeling semi-optimistic about things. There is no way we win this game. It's that simple. Oh, sure, there's a game being played and it's not out of the realm of possibility that the Boilers could pull an upset. But, really, what are the chances? Did you SEE what Terrell Pryor did against Wisconsin? On the road? As a freshman?

Our Boston Kreme defense will be delicious for the Bucknuts. Playing soft coverage, allowing receivers 15 yards and having inexperienced, undersized linebackers who are not allowed to be aggressive (presumably, as per Brock Spack), is not exactly what you'd call ideal when going against a team with Pryor and Wells running like mad all over the place. I hear they're a little bit vulnerable up the middle, but that just makes me think they'll go to the outside and outrun the Boilers. And that's assuming the D can exploit the supposed up-the-middle weakness of OSU.

As I said, we're going to lose. The question is just by how much. If the defense comes to play, as I think they somewhat did against PSU, then they have a shot at holding down the OSU offense....a little. Another 20-6 kind of game wouldn't be surprising, since we know the offense will not be clicking.

But here's the thing... what if the defense from the UND game shows up? And it's possible since this is on the road and against a far, far, FAR better opponent than UND. Maybe the D was charged up for the Big Ten opener and maybe Penn State isn't quite as good as they think they are. And if those "maybes" happen, and they seem somewhat likely to me, then I think this can get ugly fast.

The Boilers lost 23-7 last year at home to OSU, in a game that the team and school and students were really, truly up for. Why should we think things will go better this year? On the road? At OSU? At a ranked team? When the team is looking this listless?
Curtis moves to 0-10 against ranked opponents. Sweet.

OSU 28
Boilers 10

Tim says:
OSU - 31
Purdue - 14

Boilerdowd says:
Greg Orton, Kory Sheets and Desmond Tardy have all been unstoppable during portions of each game this season. If the stars were to allign, and Curtis could remember how to run the offense, Purdue could give the Bucks a run for their money.

He won't, and the scheme seems prohibitive in the way of letting a player or players take over a game. Look for Purdue to strike first...and fizzle after a very early lead.

aOSU 35
Purdue 13

What you said:
95% of BS readers think Purdue loses this one...100% of the BS staff agrees. Purdue's winless streak v. ranked opponents is currently at 16 games.

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