Take My Unit, For Example... No, Please Take Him!

According to reports, the Yankees and Diamondbacks (good friends since 2001) are actually talking about swapping Randy Johnson back to the Arizona desert from whence he came.

If Arizona is dumb enough to take back this 43-year-old, $16 million-a-year, 5.00 ERA pitcher, then the Yankees should do it even if all they're getting back is a bucket of used baseballs.

Oh, wait, what? According to the story, the Diamondbacks "would also want a 72-hour window to negotiate an extension with Johnson, who is owed $16 million in the final year of his contract."

So they're not only dumb enough to consider taking him and his useless ass back but they're also willing to give him more guaranteed money to do so??

And you thought the Gil Meche deal was ridiculous. This actually might be more stupid. I mean, if you're the GM of Arizona, all you have to do is read the ESPN.com story and you'll see this:

"If he returns to Arizona, Johnson, with 280 career wins, could get No. 300 as a Diamondback. If he goes to San Diego, he'd join 333-game winner Greg Maddux in the rotation. That is, if he stays healthy. Johnson had back surgery this offseason and it's unknown whether he'll be ready for Opening Day."

So not only is he expensive and old and comes with a history of injury problems.... but he's also not a sure thing to be able to even pitch in 2007! Hooray, what a deal!

Go Arizona.

I don't know why I included this artwork. No particular reason -- just makes me feel fuzzy.

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