Yee-Haw! Texas Next?

It's been debated as a possibility for a long time, and while I initially poo-poo'ed the idea of Texas coming to the Big Ten, I hadn't envisioned the Big 12 crumbling like boilerdowd's morning coffee cake.

Once that started looking possible, and there was talk of Texas going to the Pac 10, well, I laughed -- heartily -- at that. The Pac 10 is a marginal conference and if Tejas wants to make dienero, the Big Ten or the SEC are the logical choices.

And if they want their currently well-respected academics to not be muddied by joining the community-college-level academic institutions of the SEC, well, the only choice is the Big Ten.

And as per the news in Kansas City (why not?), Texas and Texas A&M are "in talks" to join the Big Ten, while Oklahoma is ready to jump to the SEC. Texas and Oklahoma in different conferences? USC banned from the postseason? It's like cats and dogs LIVING TOGETHER!

Let's all just keep in mind that they can "talk" all they want and rumormongers can spread all the rumors they want, but until they get invited somewhere, nothing's nothing. It's only logical that they'd begin discussing their options and inclinations, though, since their conference seems to be teetering on crashing down around them.

(Thanks to Phillip for the heads-up.)

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