Boiled Sports Turns Four

Earlier this month, the godfather of Purdue sports blogs (yes, we self-anointed) turned four years old.

It all started with a dream in November 2006 by a couple of handsome guys.... and has evolved into a money-making, mammoth machine. Minus the money-making part.

And as we try to do, we want to thank you, the readers, for making our site what it is. It's only hard work if it's not something you love to do and this is something we love doing. And a big part of why we love it is the feedback we get from you. And those of you who don't provide feedback, well, we still know you're there thanks to the site statistics. 2010 has been a banner year, as we're expecting to hit 600,000 page views for the calendar year.

We're flattered and honored. And a little turned on. But I don't think they're connected.

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