ESPN Will List Teams In Whatever Order They Feel Like It

Andy Katz went on SportsCenter a little while ago to discuss the likely divisional alignment of the new Big Ten starting next year.  Aside from it sounding like someone was making a salad on the SportsCenter set, here's my other question. Does anyone notice anything odd about this panel?

Normally when you list teams like this, there's some rhyme or reason to it. Is it in order of their 2009 records? No, because Michigan is at the top of one of them. Is it alphabetical, the usual fallback? Nope.

Communication professionals are taught that items in a list are organized in some discernable fashion. But I can't figure this one out... unless they're organized by who everyone in Bristol thinks is the.... what? Most important? Because that would be kind of obnoxious.

Anyway, tune into the Big Ten Network tonight at 7 PM, Eastern, to see this unveiled for real. And wouldn't it be absolutely awesome if it looked nothing like this? Especially since I have no doubt Katz ripped this off of a blog somewhere and is now passing it off as "FACT."

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