My ship has come in...

Although I really thought profits from this website would be the key cog in my retirement plan, it turns out I won't need all the skrilla that I've earned from Boiled Sports.

I was just notified via e-mail that I won the UK Lottery and I will have the prize money wired to me in the very near future. While I do not remember entering this particular lottery, I do know that I have been to Scotland, and I have been known to purchase a scratch-off ticket every I probably bought the UKL ticket back in 2000 and have simply forgotten. It's taken them a while to track me down because I've moved a couple of times.

I tell you what- I must be the luckiest guy in all of the land; yesterday, I inherited the fortune of my next of kin in Senegal (Barrister Andrew M. Escobar e-mailed me personally about the matter). Honestly, I didn't even know there were any Boilerdowd's in Africa, let alone one who cared that much for me & my family!

Needless to say, I'll be watching my bank accounts for the two rather large transfers. I haven't been this excited since Purdue signed Kyle Williams.

Great Players on Good Teams (& other notes)

So long, suckers.