On Slow Days, We Fall Back On Mocking Our Rivals

Many of you may be too young to remember, but back in November of 1988, Sports Illustrated ran a cover entitled "Kentucky's Shame," in which they detailed the many NCAA violations committed by the Eddie Sutton-led coaching staff. The cover was pretty gay, actually, with a shameful-looking (and white, interestingly) kid with his head down and his back to the camera. The school's name was on the back of his jersey and he was without a number. What was this, 1908? The kid also appeared to be 5'5" or so. Some poor intern at SI got to put on the short shorts that day.

Anyway, reader Joey sent us an updated version of that cover and we thought we'd share it here. I'm not sure if Joey actually created this but since he's the one who sent it to us, he's the one getting credited.

Boiler Up.

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