Quick Hit: A Look at Brees' Contract

This is a fun game...let's try to figure out how much Drew Brees $100,000,000 contract is really worth, shall we?

-Alright, let's pretend he'll be taxed 35% as a baseline (just to make it simple)...now my favorite Boiler of all time only starts with $65,000,000 (wah-wah).

-Let's also pretend that he doesn't have a penny to his name (which isn't close to true)...so he's starting out at zero.

-The King of New Orleans is currently 33 years old...and the average life expectancy is 78.2 years (it's less for NFL players, but since he's not a lineman, his life will probably be near the US average).  So, let's say Brees has around 45 years left to live.

-If that's the case, Andrew Christopher Brees can spend $3,348.55, each day for the rest of his life...and still leave $10,000,000 to his wife and two children to help them get by.

This calculation takes into account no investments...so these numbers would come from the J Money form of saving- stuffing it in a couch cushion in your parents' basement and taking it out as needed.

Now, it does sound like it'd be difficult to spend $3,348/day...so I have an idea- A fellow Purdue alum, let's call him "Doilerbowd" recently started a clothing company along with a few friends.  If Purdue's (arguably) greatest football player ever wanted to invest a mere $100,000 in this venture...he'd still have  $3,342.46 to spend per day...and is there any doubt he'd get a return on that investment?  I think not.

Just something to chew on, Drew & Mickey (because I'm sure they regularly visit this site).

Hey, if someone's gonna get paid a boatload of money, I'd prefer it'd be someone who gives back and is easy to cheer for...Brees is both.  I also like seeing guys who are great get what they deserve.  According to the market value, Brees is getting precisely what he deserves.

Congrats to Drew and family.

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